Lightfolk Foundation Initiatives

The Light Warrior team is actively involved in our community including supporting the following initiatives:

  • B Team
  • 2030 Commonwealth Games Task-force
  • Food and Wine Victoria
  • Hawthorn Football Club
  • La Trobe University
  • National Institute of Integrative Medicine
  • Lightfolk Pty Ltd
  • Igniting Change

Light Warrior is a proud supporter of Igniting Change, an intentionally tiny organisation which allows them to operate incognito, instinctively and nimbly, bringing extraordinary lives together, provoking curiosity and encouraging people to see the person, not their label.

Igniting Change bridge the gap that separates people experiencing challenges from those who are in a position to help.  This has given Light Warrior the opportunity to meet people in challenges circumstance and hear about their situation first-hand from Mornington Peninsula to St Kilda to Shepparton to Alice Springs.  It also gives us the opportunity and privilege of building relationships with the courageous individuals and organisations on the front-line that provide services, care and support.  Light Warrior and Igniting Change are united in the view that, in addition to giving, working with people and listening can be incredibly powerful.  As one of the pages in Igniting Change’s latest book Small Ways To Shape Our World says “When you listen you give someone a voice.”

Radek is also in demand to give keynote speeches across Australia with all of the proceeds from those presentations going directly to the Lightfolk Foundation.

Lightfolk Foundation

The Lightfolk Foundation has been established by Helen and Radek Sali for the ‘Advancement of Humankind’.

Some of the initiatives Lightfolk Foundation has supported with donations to date include:

  • Igniting Change
  • La Trobe University
  • National Institute of Integrative Medicine
  • Lightfolk Pty Ltd

Lightfolk Social Enterprise

Lightfolk Pty Ltd is a not for profit social enterprise that inspires conscious living.

Currently under construction, Lightfolk Village is a community initiative.  An experiential space where people can reconnect or create a new connection to meaningful things: themselves, their natural environment and the larger community.

Lightfolk will offer the opportunity to gain knowledge, tools and techniques that will help people reduce stress, prevent illness and live more happy, healthy, purposeful and peaceful lives.


We respectfully acknowledge that Light Warrior and many of Light Warrior’s investments and ventures exist on traditional lands where First Nations have lived for many thousands of years.

We honour their ongoing connection to these lands and strive to respectfully acknowledge the traditional custodians in our work.