Light Warrior believes in the potential of business to positively impact the world and create shared value for all stakeholders.

We’re passionate about investing in companies and industries where we can add real value, partnering with established businesses to grow, profit and positively impact the world.  We provide extensive support to talented entrepreneurs and managers who are eager to expand their businesses and build strong and sustainable practices to take their companies to the next level.

We take a particular interest in companies that fulfil our key investment criteria of being socially responsible and environmentally conscious, in growth industries.  And while we’ll look at opportunities in all sectors, these are the primary markets where we have significant expertise to offer:






Our Investment Approach and Focus

Light Warrior is focused on partnering with management and other shareholders throughout our period of investment.  Our approach is collaborative, collective and consensus-driven.  We are looking for quality people who are experts, leaders and authorities in their field who are aligned with our business principles and want to build their businesses in a socially responsible and environmentally friendly way.  You’ll have access to our entire team whose substantial business acumen is founded on their experience of owning, investing and working with companies worldwide.  They can assist with strategic guidance and operational expertise and in many other areas from strategy and finance, to marketing and culture, while providing access to our specialist network of advisors, overseeing specific projects, and negotiating deals as required.  Our focus, when we make any investment, is on growth and if necessary, we can assist in bringing in new talent to increase capabilities and expand existing teams.  We also have significant experience and a successful track-record in preparing businesses for funding rounds, IPOs and exit.  Light Warrior’s team has extensive experience across agribusiness, consumer goods and foods, finance, healthcare, retail, technology, wellness and other sectors.  We can invest flexibly and throughout the capital structure.