Conscious Investment Management

Founded by Light Warrior in 2019, Conscious Investment Management (CIM) is a leading global impact investment manager with a vision to unlock the power of mainstream investment markets to fund assets that create positive social and environmental impact.

All investments stem from CIM’s collaboration with expert Impact Partners to better understand people and society’s needs. Then, using our finance experience and capital, we structure, design and invest into assets that will genuinely create a better and more sustainable future. We build long-term relationships with our Impact Partners and our investors, develop and retain a high-performing team, and promote transparent and thoughtful measurement of our impact.

Currently CIM is working to address some of our largest global challenges in the following sectors: environment and climate, health and education, and sustainable development. In 2021 – two and a half years since inception – CIM is proud to have invested $250m into social housing, social impact bonds, and renewables projects.

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Annual Impact Report 2021

Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan