Light Warrior Ventures believes in delivering strong returns through investment in high-growth companies.

In line with our own values, we gravitate towards businesses with big vision and a mission to create shared value. We seek partnerships where we can add real value through collaboration.

This means going beyond purely capital investment by connecting our partners with top-tier expertise and our global network to drive greater growth, profit and positive impact.

Our investment must haves:

  • Proven founder & talented team
  • Positive culture
  • Operating in a growing industry
  • Highly scalable
  • A proven point-of-difference from competitors
  • Executable business model complemented by strong financials and a robust capital plan
  • Opportunity for significant equity ownership
  • Ability to utilise Light Warrior Group’s expertise and network to fast-track growth & returns

Areas of investment we like:

FMCG Wellness Financial Entertainment Agribusiness

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Adventus is a SaaS-based student recruitment marketplace enabling institutions, recruitment agents, and students to find and transact with each other, seamlessly.

The Adventus mission is to help students make confident study decisions through a trusted marketplace that connects the world’s institutions, recruiters, and service providers – transforming the world’s access to international education.

Facing significant growth over the next decade, this is a billion-dollar sector built on infrastructure that has surpassed its ability to serve its audience effectively.


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Anthem is an independent entertainment consultancy that provides integrated strategy, creative and advertising services.

Through our partnership model, we work with our clients to ensure they cut through the competitive noise, not just to get noticed and recognised, but to find and grow their audiences through emotional storytelling.

Founded following the acquisition of the Australian division of the London-based AKA Group, Anthem will have a wide-ranging strategy within the entertainment sector.


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Hydralyte is a global leader in delivering clinical hydration.

Born in Australia & hydrating since 2002, Hydralyte is scientifically formulated with the optimal ratio of glucose and electrolytes to rehydrate you faster than water alone. Water alone doesn’t replenish lost electrolytes which help the body retain fluid and are essential for nerve and muscle function.

Based on the World Health Organization’s criteria for rapid and effective rehydration, Hydralyte is recommended by medical professionals around the world.


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Jamieson Coote Bonds

Founded in 2013, JCB is a specialist bond fund manager based in Melbourne. JCB brings together a global network of bond market specialists to provide individuals and institutions access to expertise in the Australian Bond market.

Using both fundamental and technical analysis of the bond market to implement trades and reduce the risk of capital loss, JCB has consistently outperformed its benchmark since inception.

Jamieson Coote Bonds provides a global perspective on Australian bond portfolio construction and allocation.


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Made By Cow

The world’s first safe-to-drink raw milk. Enjoy milk as it’s meant to be, never heated and with more natural enzymes, protein, calcium and vitamins.

Made By Cow milk is sourced from a single Jersey herd before being bottled, sealed and expertly pressurised the following day. The process eliminates the need to separate, standardise, homogenise or heat pasteurise our milk. What you get is a bottle filled by a simple process that brings to you authentic, farm fresh, delicious milk.

Made by Cow is the only cold pressed milk to have received government approvals to sell throughout Australia. In fact, the NSW Food Authority noted it was as safe, or safer, than heat-pasteurized milk.

Tests show that Made by Cow’s patented cold high-pressure method is gentler on milk’s nutrients, and retains as much of the milk’s natural, wholesome goodness as possible, including more of the rich, essential vitamins straight from the cow like vitamins B1, B2, B12 and A.


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myDNA is an Australian genetics company that decodes the information in our genes to help us live better and healthier lives.

Through easy-to-access tests, myDNA helps people make informed decisions about their health: which medications are best for them, which foods they may not digest well, and the impact of lifestyle factors such as alcohol, coffee and exercise. Results can be reviewed individually, or in consultation with a doctor.

The personalised test results have lifelong relevance and can provide a blueprint for managing health and wellness.

myDNA was founded in 2007 by Associate Professor Les Sheffield who is a pioneer in the field of genetics.


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Our Crowd

Founded in 2013, OurCrowd is a global venture capital business that empowers institutions and individuals to invest and engage in emerging companies. OurCrowd is driven by the idea that the business of building startups grows bigger and better when the global ‘crowd’ has access to VC-level investment opportunities.

With a professional team comprised of entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, investors, and industry experts with decades of combined experience, OurCrowd conducts rigorous research on thousands of companies to identify cutting-edge opportunities.

These pre-vetted businesses are then offered to OurCrowd’s trusted network of investors.